The Future of Self-Defense Ammo

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Duration: 3:07

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PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham discuss defensive ammunition. Where is self-defense ammo today? Is it at the point where it doesn’t need to get any better? Rob speaks from his perspective of working closely with Winchester Ammunition on promoting their self-defense ammo.

Effective Ammo and Efficient Ammo

Rob defines effective ammunition as stronger, faster and bigger. He believes there is plenty of effective ammo on the market now. We only need so much effectiveness, and self-defense ammo is there already. So the question becomes about efficiency. The W line from Winchester is innovative — the idea that the bullet technology had gotten so advanced that they could back the pressure down on the self-defense ammo so it matched that of the training-level ammo. And now it can be packaged so we don’t have that “bang … bang … BOOM!” when we put a defensive hollow-point round in the magazine with the training round. Instead we now have a matched set of training rounds and hollow points.

Ammo That Makes Training More Realistic

Rob feels that made training easier for shooters to approach in a realistic way. It made it easier to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Previously, shooters and instructors would say that in firearms training courses, “We want to train realistically, but we can’t afford to shoot hollow-points, so there’s going to be a difference in recoil,” and this lack of realism would be rationalized due to financial concerns. But the W line now gives shooters the opportunity to buy at a reasonable price training ammo that is exactly recoil matched to the hollow-point bullet they’re going to use. Rob feels this was an innovative development by Winchester.

Grant Cunningham then discusses why he’s excited about the W line of self-defense ammo.