Product Review: Crossbreed Concealable Speedloader Carrier

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Duration:   2:02   mins

Many people carry compact revolvers, like the Smith & Wesson “J” frame guns, but most don’t have an efficient way to reload that revolver because speed loaders are hard to carry. That is, until now. PDN Contributor, Grant Cunningham, is at the Crossbreed Holsters booth, looking at the new Crossbreed Speedloader Case that makes a full reload both concealable and fast to access.

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2 Responses to “Product Review: Crossbreed Concealable Speedloader Carrier”

  1. wayne a silkworth

    Did Crossbreed Holsters ever make these j frame speed loader holders? I just came across these, but can’t find where they’re sold. Any help finding them would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Customer Service

      Hello Wayne,

      That video is a few years old and Crossbreed is constantly updating designs/offerings. We weren’t able to find it on the website but it’s possible that Crossbreed still will have the mold and do them as a “one off” or by special order. They are great with customer service so you should drop them a line at

      Personal Defense Network

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