Dynamic Threat Assessment: Situational Awareness

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17 Lessons
3  hrs 57  mins

This class is a comprehensive collection of information related to all aspects of threat assessment – including the fundamental concepts of recognition, intuition, readiness, anticipation, expectation and “situational awareness.”

This Dynamic Threat Assessment Class will also demonstrate and give you the know-how to respond appropriately during dynamic situations… the When and Why in regard to application of the techniques and tactics you’ve learned and practiced.

With over 3 hours of education, this class features the best material available on these topics, developed over the past 20 years by Rob Pincus and many other contributing experts in the field of self-defense.

This class is divided into two primary areas. The first is intended to help you be prepared to recognize important things in your environment through the concept of Practical Situational Awareness. It should provide you with the tools so that you know what to be aware of and are more likely to recognize a pre-attack indicator or imminent threat even when you are not actively paying attention to a potential threat.

The second area of focus in this class is Appropriate Responses. If you are properly prepared, you should not only be able to recognize a threat, but also recognize and begin to apply the appropriate response to the threat without having to spend much time deliberating or “deciding” what to do. Appropriate Responses, which might include any of the things you’ve learned and practiced, should be automated.

This class features contributions from many instructors and is one of the most unique video education classes offered in the training community. It might also be one of the most important classes you could ever take.

Among 4 BONUS video sessions you’ll get with this class, is nearly a full hour of interactive discussion covering Legal Issues related to Self-Defense, featuring expert advice from a variety of sources.

Beyond the videos you’ll receive with this class, you’ll have access to 3 helpful downloadable PDF documents, covering a variety of perspectives on situational awareness.

Bonus materials available after purchase

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