Learn About the Latest Conceal and Carry Valkyrie Holster

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Duration: 2:02

PDN Contributor and Owner of Bearco Training, Barret Kendrick, has been wearing the latest conceal and carry Valkyrie Holster by Castle Bravo Kydex.

Valkyrie Holster Features

Designed by Steve Rundall, this holster uses a feature that a few other holsters on the market recently have employed: a wing-type feature that puts positive pressure on the rear of the belt to force the grip of the gun into the wearer’s body. It is designed for appendix (also known as centerline) carry.

Taking the holster off to examine the wing more closely, Barrett explains how the wing is user adjustable. Because it is made of Kydex, it can be heated slightly and adjusted to apply more pressure to the belt itself. This will force the twist of the gun in further toward the wearer’s body, making it even better to conceal and carry.

The Valkyrie also makes use of a wedge-type feature on the back of the holster. This allows the user to push the gun out away from their body as they are drawing the weapon.

Conceal and Carry a Large-Frame Handgun

Barret is carrying a large-frame handgun. Many people decide to conceal and carry a much smaller gun because they feel they cannot conceal anything larger. And Barret agrees: with many holsters, he cannot conceal and carry a large-frame handgun. But when he can wear a holster such as the Valkyrie, which incorporates designs that make a handgun more concealable, then it’s his preference to carry that large-frame handgun.

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