Reliability and Accuracy Using a Mutant MK47

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Rob Pincus is on the range with a CMMG Mutant MK47, a hybrid rifle that’s part AR and part AK, ready to test it for reliability and accuracy. Reliability is first, because as with any firearm, if it’s not reliable, it’s useless. We need to make sure the gun runs, and that’s been an issue with 7.62x39mm in anything resembling an AR platform.

AR-AK Hybrid

And that’s the point of the Mutant MK47: it’s a hybrid, half AR, half AK. In fact the AR half is part AR-10, part AR-15, with the bolt carrier group and bolt being AR-10 size and the rest of the gun AR-15 size. The magazines are curved to accept the 7.62x39mm round, which means AK-style manipulations for reloads and malfunctions.

Reliability Testing

As is recommended with all rifle training, Rob brings a variety of ammo and magazines to the range for the testing. He runs through a few magazines with no problems, demonstrating the AK-style reload process. The first malfunction with the Mutant MK47 occurs with one of the old rusted metal magazines but some of the best ammo, PDX. Through further testing Rob concludes the problem relates solely to the old magazine. All other magazines and all types of ammo fire without issue.

Accuracy Testing

From a personal defense standpoint, Rob is always looking for practical, applicable accuracy, so he doesn’t conduct bench-rest testing during firearms training. The target is set up at 100 yards and a 4X scope is on the Mutant MK47. The accuracy testing shows the Mutant is going to do what the shooter needs it to do for hunting, personal defense, or as a patrol rifle for law enforcement.

Overall, Rob is very impressed with the CMMG Mutant MK47 and looks forward to shooting it a lot more.

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