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Breakthrough and Battleborn Cleaning Products

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Duration:   3  mins

Eric Navarro, president of Breakthrough, is on the range to present his company’s new products. There are two Battleborn lubricants, an oil and a grease. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly and won’t stain. Four Breakthrough cleaning kits are also available to use with your personal defense weapons. The Universal and the .223 kits are steel rod kits. The 3-Gun and .22 to .45 kits are pull-through kits.

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One Response to “Breakthrough and Battleborn Cleaning Products”

  1. kerryd

    I wish, in keeping this in the real world, that price comparisons would have been made. I would also have liked to see charts or some other visual aid comparing Battleborn against its nearest rivals. From there I would be able to make an intelligent decision whether to try the product. As is I'll continue to use what I have as I haven't been given good enough reasons to change. Sorry Rob, but you didn't make quick full disclosure so your recommendation can only be taken with a large grain of salt.

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