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Making a Kydex Holster

Personal Defense Network Editors
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Duration:   6  mins

Ever wonder how a kydex holster is manufactured? PDN is onsite at Psy-Op Tactical with President Bruce Buell, who gives us a step-by-step look at how they manufacture their kydex rack holsters. All processes – from heating the kydex to molding, cutting, securing the two halves, and finishing – are shown, and Bruce discusses the special features of the Rack Holster.

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2 Responses to “Making a Kydex Holster”

  1. Bruce

    Great video. I would love to know who makes and where to buy the kydex heater and vacum units he is using.

  2. Joseph

    I see the advantages of the kydex holster if the mold is exactly like the gun. I would suppose he has molds for the most popular guns. Looks like what is the finished product is a solid holster that might last awhile. I would like to know what he says the advantages are compared to other holsters. Also would like to know what brand gloves those are that can handle that kind of heat and not be too bulky.

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