• 3:42

    Steiner TOR Mini Green Laser

    The Steiner TOR Mini green laser is a great option if you have a home-defense gun or other staged pistol or rifle that you want a tertiary aiming device for. AIMING DEVICES Reviewing what Rob Pincus has said about aiming devices: The primary method for aiming a defensive gun is kinesthetic alignment — getting the…

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  • 2:52

    Backpack Body Armor

    Having a ballistic panel in a backpack or other bag you can pick up quickly is much more convenient than wearing body armor all the time. Rob Pincus has a Level IIIA panel from Premier Body Armor that fits perfectly into a backpack. LEGAL ISSUES Civilian ownership of body armor is under fire in some…

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  • 7:29

    Red-Dot Sights on Pistols

    As of early 2021, Rob Pincus has officially changed his opinion on red-dot sights on pistols for those just getting started in defensive firearms skill development. RDS ON PISTOLS IN THE PAST For many years, instructor Rob Pincus believed that red-dot sights on pistols were not a good option, especially for students in handgun training,…

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  • 7:32

    Using a Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

    During the first live PDN Product Showcase, we looked at several different types of products, including some we don’t normally talk much about but that relate to personal defense readiness. One of these was the Work Sharp family of knife sharpening tools. WORK SHARP If you carry a knife as one of your self-defense tools,…

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  • 11:05

    Testing Steiner’s Gun Optics

    In PDN’s first Product Showcase Live Event, the gun optics company featured was Steiner Optics. If you missed the live event, watch this extended video to see what Steiner is doing in terms of personal-defense optics. Steiner Optics is known as a high-quality brand that’s been in existence since the late 1940s, designing and manufacturing…

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  • 2:01

    Stealth Project Suppressors

    Rob Pincus is on the range firing a POF-USA .308 Revolution rifle but not wearing hearing protection, because a Stealth Project Suppressor is attached to the rifle. Let’s learn more about this unique suppressor design. STEALTH PROJECT The suppressor Rob is using is a .30-caliber suppressor, which means it will work on a .308, 7.62x39mm,…

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  • 8:54

    Ballistol USA Products: Perfect for Firearm Maintenance

    PDN Contributor Kevin Dixie has a lot of experience with Ballistol firearm maintenance products. Here he presents an in-depth view of Ballistol’s product line and what we should look for in cleaners to keep our self-defense tools in good working condition. EXTRACT AND LUBRICATE First, Kevin looks for a firearm maintenance product that penetrates the…

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  • 1:04

    Using an LED Microlight

    An LED microlight is a simple utility item that is inexpensive and very easy to carry. It’s a great item to have in a medical kit or pocket, or attached to a keychain. Packs of ten can be bought for about $12 and each microlight lasts for many hours. FEATURES Consider this little light part…

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  • 5:06

    Handgun Sights for “Old Eyes”

    Rob Pincus is often asked what type of sights on a defensive pistol are best for a shooter with “old eyes”? By “old eyes,” we mean people with degrading vision or whose vision has changed from when they were younger and their eyes were sharper. Rob offers his suggestions with the caveat that the way…

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