• 3:15

    Springfield – Worlds Collide: Training For Multiple Threats

    “It’s always the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out.” This adage from the world of boxing applies equally to defensive use of a firearm, where you must focus on the immediate threat — the person who is directly trying to harm you — but also strive to be aware of any other…

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  • 5:08

    Springfield Armory XD-E vs. XD-S

    Two Springfield Armory 9mm single-stack defensive pistols are on the firing line: It’s the Springfield XD-E vs. XD-S, both with 3.3-inch barrels. Rob Pincus presents their features and handling characteristics. Springfield XD-E The XD-E is a double-action/single-action gun with a manually operated external safety. Why would a shooter want this as opposed to a modern…

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  • 2:00

    Worlds Collide: Circles Drill for Shooting Stance

    Worlds Collide often presents the contrasting perspectives of defensive shooter Rob Pincus of PDN and competition shooter Rob Leatham of Team Springfield, but both Robs agree on some issues. The myth of the perfect shooting stance is one. Rob Pincus considers it a figment of people’s imagination based on square-range training, not on reality. Rob…

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  • 4:44

    Worlds Collide: Proper Grip on 1911

    Team Springfield’s Rob Leatham and PDN’s Rob Pincus offer their guidance on proper grip and presentation of a 1911-style handgun. Confirmed 9mm advocate Rob Pincus is carrying the Springfield Armory 1911 4” EMP in 9mm. He considers it an evolved 1911. The EMP has shortened the 1911 platform so it works properly with 9mm and…

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  • 2:56

    Balance Point

    Netizens often watch videos featuring PDN’s Rob Pincus and comment that he is standing in the wrong position to shoot. Rob has long advocated a natural athletic stance as being the one our body will naturally go into when startled, i.e., at the onset of a defensive shooting event, so that is the stance we…

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  • 2:02

    New Shooter Fundamentals

    Championship competition shooter Rob Leatham of Team Springfield teaches new shooters three things: how to press the trigger, how to hold the gun, and then how to aim. He demonstrates why new shooters need to master these three skills in this order.

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  • 3:24

    Worlds Collide: Countering Sight Fixation

    Champion shooter Rob Leatham of Team Springfield has advice that can make you a better shooter. Many people fixate on focusing on the sights to the extent that it hinders their ability to pull the trigger. With PDN’s Rob Pincus shooting, Leatham instructs him to perform a closed-eye drill. Pincus drives the gun out, puts…

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  • 2:49

    Worlds Collide: Foundations of Fast Shooting

    Champion competitive shooter Rob Leatham of Team Springfield gives a tutorial on shooting fast. A lot can happen in one second, so you need to be able to shoot fast. In a competition, one second can easily cost you the match. In a defensive shooting, one second can make the difference between surviving the encounter…

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  • 1:49

    Competition vs Defense: Shooting Is Shooting

    When it comes time to pull the trigger, shooting is shooting whether it’s for competition or self defense. But the process before the shooter pulls the trigger is where competitive and defensive shooting vary greatly. Team Springfield’s Rob Leatham and PDN’s Rob Pincus break down the similarities and differences.

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