• carbine-training-drills

    Drills for Direct Action Combatives with a Carbine

    PDN Contributor Chris Fry of M.D.T.S. Training looks at utilizing the carbine as an intermediate-force option, or what we call direct-action combatives. This may be in a situation where we are not justified in using lethal force, or where the carbine has a malfunction or stoppage, and we need to use the carbine as an…

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  • Firearm Training

    C.O.R.R.: Clamp, Orient, Ram, Retract.

    Chris Fry of MDTS Training takes a step-by-step look at employing the C.O.R.R. principle with a long gun. It’s designed to prevent takeaways and engage an aggressor at close quarters without using lethal force. Chris also presents options for lethal force should that become necessary.

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  • Strikes and Fending with a Carbine

    Strikes and Fending with a Carbine

    Chris Fry demonstrates the four fundamental strikes with the long gun in this personal defense network video. Learn how to use different strikes and find out when the appropriate time is to use them. See how these strikes are used for lateral threats as well! Improve in your defensive skills today with these helpful tips…

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  • Making a Padded Training Firearm

    Making a Padded Training Firearm

    Chris Fry demonstrates how to build a safe, padded carbine training tool using supplies you can buy in home stores. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Carbine Rifle C.O.R.R. Combative Training

    Carbine Rifle C.O.R.R. Combative Training

    The close quarters combat principle, Clamp Orient Ram Retract (CORR) principle with a carbine rifle as demonstrated by Chris Fry. Learn various CORR home defense tactics in close quarters shooting situations.

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