• Snub nosed revolver

    PDN Contributor Claude Werner offers a step-by-step tutorial on reloading a snub-nosed revolver during a defensive scenario, meaning you must look around and assess the situation while reloading. For the final step, Claude explains why he advises against the popular method of pushing the cylinder into the revolver with the support-hand thumb.

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  • Common Shooting Challenges with the Snub Nose Revolver

    Claude Werner of Firearms Safety Training, LLC is on the range doing target analysis of shots fired from a Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver. Claude discusses some of the common shooting challenges with the snub nose revolver. Due to the extremely short sight radius on the J-Frame, the shooter must place the front sight exactly

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  • Carrying Non-Lethal Force Options

    Rob Pincus discusses carrying optional defensive tools along with your firearm. This practice has been strongly advocated by several instructors, including PDN Contributor Claude Werner, in order to allow you to defend yourself without having to

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  • Dryfire Practice Session Completion

    Avoid a negligent discharge with Claude Werner's three step procedure to use when completing a dryfire practice session.

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  • Dryfire Practice With A Training Partner

    Claude Werner and Rob Pincus demonstrate a training session for dryfire practice with a handgun.

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  • Using a Taser C2 Device

    In this video, we demonstrate the effectiveness of a Taser C2, a safety device that is produced for civilian use. It is a relatively intuitive device to utilize, but it can be paramount for escaping a dangerous situation.

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  • Dryfire Training Drill Practice

    In this demonstration, Claude Werner shows you a few dryfire drills that you can use to practice drawing your pistol from its holster and getting off quick, accurate shots.

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  • Dryfire Practice Equipment

    Claude Werner demonstrates various types of equipment that are safe and useful for dryfire practice with a firearm.

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