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    Defeating the Telegraph

    In a real-world defensive encounter, if your body is telegraphing what your next strike is going to be, you may give the attacker an advantage. One benefit of training in off-balance positions is that they limit your ability to telegraph. Omari Broussard, owner of 10X Defense, demonstrates how you can still strike with speed and…

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  • Tactical Firearms Training: Professionals vs. Citizens

    Tactical Firearms Training: Professionals vs. Citizens

    PDN Contributor and owner of 10X Defense Omari Broussard speaks to the rationale behind objective-based measurement of shooting skill. Armed professionals such as military and law enforcement personnel must demonstrate accuracy and speed in order to perform their jobs through tactical firearms training. But having objective standards for private citizens training for personal defense is…

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  • PDN 2013 Training Tour: Update #4

    PDN 2013 Training Tour: Update #4

    Rob Pincus checks in from Ohio after completing the East Coast leg of the 2013 PDN training tour. PDN contributor Omari Broussard talks about Instructor Development Training and Contributor Cecil Burch explains what he’s doing at the NE Shooters’ Training Conference in New Hampshire.

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