Deryck Poole

Boresight Solutions Firearms Customization

Deryck Poole
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Duration:   7  mins

PDN Contributor Deryck Poole shows the custom work Boresight Solutions did on his Glock everyday carry guns. What does Boresight do and is it right for you?


Why send your carry gun to Boresight Solutions to customize it when there are so many manufacturers making what seems like every conceivable type of handgun for every hand size and every other variable?

Deryck explains why he sent his first Glock, a G17 with the larger backstrap, to Boresight. Due to his large hand size, when he tried to get a good, high grip on the gun, Deryck ended up with a gap between the inside of his hand and the gun. This meant he was giving up some efficiency in recoil management because of the grip, or rather, the combination of the grip and his large hand.

Boresight added a ridgeback (hump) to the back of the G17’s frame, and now the gap when Deryck grips the gun is greatly reduced. Boresight also added custom texturing; they offer low, medium or high grit. Deryck chose medium, which is designed for concealed carry. It’s not so aggressive that it catches on clothing, but it provides excellent grip control, especially in hot or humid conditions.


You may have seen Deryck’s video “Consistency in a Second Concealed Carry Gun.” His backup EDC gun is a Glock 48, so in keeping with the theme of the previous video, Deryck sent the G48 to Boresight to have them duplicate the work done on the G17, so his two EDC guns are consistent.

Deryck also has a lot of accessories that fit his Glocks. If he found a handgun from another manufacturer that fit his hand perfectly, he’d have to buy those accessories for that new gun. Spending that money on Boresight’s custom work makes financial sense.


One target market is armed professionals, who should have guns that are fit and attuned to them perfectly. But Deryck makes a good case for why people who teach, train, and/or practice shooting a lot will also benefit from Boresight’s services.

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