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Deryck Poole
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Is your everyday carry a full-size handgun and spare magazine worn AIWB (appendix worn inside the waistband)? For the past year, PDN Contributor Deryck Poole of Echo 5 Training has been testing a mag pouch that has made his AIWB carry more comfortable, secure and concealable.


Deryck’s EDC are a Glock 17 and a spare full-size magazine. This long magazine has a tendency to print, and as Deryck sits down and stands up repeatedly throughout the day, the magazine also starts to work its way higher above his beltline and he has to remember to press it back. Comfort and concealability are both somewhat compromised.

Now there’s a mag pouch that addresses these issues. The Dark Star Gear Koala AIWB Mag Pouch is made of Kydex and is much longer than a standard mag pouch. How does having more Kydex help us?


In Deryck’s videos on appendix carry of a firearm, he shows how more Kydex in a holster helps keep the gun in place. The same is true for a mag pouch. That’s the first plus with the Koala. The second is—it’s adjustable! You can decide what height you want your magazine to sit at and make the adjustment easily. If after testing, you don’t like it, you can change it as many times as needed. Deryck demonstrates how to do it.


Deryck shows how he carries his G17 magazine in the Koala Mag Pouch. The magazine is covered enough by the pouch that it holds it steady, yet enough of the magazine is above the pouch so Deryck can easily grab hold of it if he needs to perform a reload.

When Deryck attaches the Koala to his body, it sits much deeper inside his waistline than other mag pouches. Due to this, there are no concealment issues, plus the deeper sit is more comfortable.


Do you carry your spare mag with bullets facing front or to the rear? This is another factor to consider when buying the Koala Mag Pouch. We have videos on reloading with bullets facing front or back, so check those out if you have questions. Or drop your questions in the comments below!

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