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Finding a Range to Teach At for a Firearm Instructor

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Duration:   6  mins

If you are a firearm instructor who teaches defensive shooting, you obviously need a range to teach at. In this video, Chuck Usina, the owner of the Ancient City Shooting Range, shares his thoughts on how a new firearm instructor should go about establishing a professional relationship with a range. Understanding the range owner and/or manager’s perspective and interests is important to being successful when you are looking for a range to teach at. Making sure that they understand what you teach, how you teach and have a reasonable way of being comfortable with you having control of a class on their range is vital.

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One Response to “Finding a Range to Teach At for a Firearm Instructor”

  1. Kurt

    Great video, thanks for the tips! It's understood that the owner's liability is a huge issue to allowing outside instruction, so is it seen as a benefit in the eyes of a range owner for an instructor to offer to add that range to their instructor liability policy? Most policies have the option to include one or more additional locations in addition to their classroom, and it may show the owner not only that you're serious about instructing, but also that their liability will be mitigated. Thoughts?

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