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The iMarksman laser training system projects different scenarios on a screen so shooters can improve their marksmanship and decision-making abilities. How does it work?

Branching Video

This type of video is one of the ways in which scenario training, with projector systems and laser trainers, has evolved over the past decade. The iMarksman laser training system, with its enhancement package of dry-fire training software, now offers an affordable way to have that branching effect when you’re in a scenario. Branching means that when a video is playing, a different scene will play based on the actions of the shooter who is training in a classroom or practicing at home.

One benefit of branching is that you can see the effect of your actions in the scenario immediately, without needing a training partner or instructor to go through a debriefing and evaluation.

Demonstration: At the Convenience Store

We watch iMarksman run the same scenario three times, each with different actions being taken by the shooter at home. Based on these actions (or non-actions), the video branches off into a different outcome so the shooter can reflect on his decision-making and marksmanship capabilities.

Three Runs, Three Outcomes

In the first run-through, a suspicious person acts aggressively and loudly in a convenience store and pulls a handgun on the store clerk. The at-home defensive shooter, playing a store customer, shoots the bad guy and the scenario ends

The second time, the at-home defensive shooter hesitates and eventually shoots the bad guy, but not until after the bad guy has shot the store clerk.

In the third run, the at-home defensive shooter waits too long and the bad guy shoots the store clerk and then the at-home shooter.

The iMarksman laser training system is a valuable firearms training aid for evaluating and improving your shooting and decision-making skills.

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One Response to “iMarksman Review”

  1. Norman Held

    Had this program 2009 Ver. 1.2 doesn't work, no upgrades. Always something I am doing wrong. I have had three PC programmers in over the last several years they call iMarksmen no satisfaction, they left frustrated. I can only hope that newer Versions work, (mine doesn't). I think as of now camera is defective, I have ask for upgrade and camera assistance. I have explained problem in great detail always E-Mail. Ask at last two NRA meetings for help, always something I am doing wrong, really! I have paid professional programmers to help, same opinion program defective, no upgrades, it is what it is, doesn't work. Still waiting for help from iMarksman. I can download current help from web site, doesn't apply to my software (old ver.) Keep you posted if situation improves.

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