Dispelling the Myth of Left-Handed Shooters

Duration: 2:47

Do left-handed shooters really need to select guns that are specifically designed for them? Deryck Poole of Echo-5 Training has a few firearms on hand that he uses to discredit this myth.

Prototype of the PD10 from Avidity Arms

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One Response to “Dispelling the Myth of Left-Handed Shooters”
  1. Michael

    In my experience there are some handguns that a lefty can’t easily use, the classic 1911 and the Sig P220 with right-hand only safeties top my list. I’ve found that the S&W M&P series of pistols are very easy for left-handed shooting. Considering the numbers of hand injuries that occur in defensive situations, in my opinion all personal defense handguns need to be as ambidextrous as possible.