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Using a Harris Bipod and a Bag

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What’s the best way to obtain a solid shooting platform for precision shooting with a rifle? Instructor Joe Scott is on the range with a rifle equipped with a Harris bipod. The legs are adjustable and lockable. He finds a bipod useful for inspection of the rifle and cleaning of the rifle. Bipods are solid and secure. You can also walk away from the rifle and not worry about it falling over.

Bags as a Shooting Rest

Scott feels there are certain limited applications where a bipod is useful for shooting, but he doesn’t discuss them in this video. He prefers to shoot the rifle off a bag, such as a rucksack or backpack. He simply places the rifle on the bag and is ready to shoot. Sitting on top of a bag, the rifle and shooter are lower to the ground, and the lower you are to the ground, the steadier you are.

Sand Sock

Another item that is very handy to use for precision shooting is called a happy sock or a sand sock. This is placed under the butt of the rifle to make a solid shooting platform. At this point you can adjust your height — without your scope — by squeezing or relaxing. The rifle is on a good solid platform.

Whether a rifle is one of your home defense weapons or you use it for competition or hunting, try shooting it off a bag and a sand sock during practice and see if your accuracy improves.

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