Rob Leatham

Worlds Collide: Transitioning Between Targets

Rob Leatham
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Duration:   5  mins

In the competition world, speed reigns supreme, so top shooters are always looking for ways to cut fractions of a second off their times. Rob Leatham of Team Springfield explains his method for shooting multiple targets quickly. And as Rob Pincus of PDN points out, it’s the opposite of what defensive shooters should do.

One key to fast shooting of multiple targets is to shoot one target and immediately move to the next target without confirming where the first shot impacted. Do not waste time assessing the result of the first shot — or the second shot if you have to transition among three targets. Take the time to aim each shot, then you know it will go where you want it and there is no need to take time to check where it went. You have already moved on to the next target.

Don’t try this in a defensive shooting, though. That’s when we need to confirm that the threat is down. Maybe you did hit him in the center chest but he’s still going — it’s been known to happen. In defensive shootings, maintain focus on the threat until it is down, then look for other threats.

But if you’re shooting in competition, expectation of accuracy and confidence in your skills are the keys to fast transitions between shots.

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