C3 Hybrid: AR-15 Compensator and Flash Hider

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Having a flash hider on your home defense rifle will reduce the possibility of your vision being affected by muzzle blast during a low-light event. A recoil compensator allows you to fire Defensively Accurate follow up shots faster. The C3 Hybrid is both a recoil compensator and flash hider for AR15 rifles. As a compensator, it offers a very neutral countering of normal recoil with little side of back blast when compared to similar products. The baffle is easily installed on the device, which is designed to resemble a standard A2 flash hider, and can be replaced very inexpensively. The C3 is available for 5.56 and .30 Cal (.300 bulk, 7.62×51, 7.62×39, etc.) AR15 Type Rifles.

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