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Guns Don’t Make You Safe

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It’s important to remember that just having a gun around is not what’s going to make you safe. Christina Dennis is at Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center speaking about this important topic. Having the right mindset, being willing to use your gun, and knowing how to use it are what should make you safer.

A Gun Is Not Magic

It’s not going to defend you just because it’s in your presence. It’s also not going to put you in harm’s way just because it’s in your presence. The worst thing to do is have a gun in the house — whether because someone gifted it to you or some other reason — that you are uncomfortable with. You need to get to the range and get some firearms training. Learn how to use the gun so that if you need to use it, you can.

Professional Instruction

There are plenty of opportunities to find professional instructors, including at your local gun range and right here at Personal Defense Network, where you can also find dozens of shooting drills to practice. Ultimately, you need to get out and shoot, not just with family members and friends, but with someone who can teach you what you need to know.

Confidence shouldn’t come from having a gun around but from knowing how to use it and having the willingness to use it if you need to.

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