Deryck Poole

Mounting Rifle Accessories

Deryck Poole
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Duration:   10  mins

If you need to mount accessories to a rifle, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you don’t have access to those instructions, PDN Contributor Deryck Poole of Echo 5 Training is here to help, with his procedures for mounting rifle accessories, specifically backup iron sights and an optic.


Many types are on the market. Deryck recommends one that is specifically designed for firearms, so it can withstand the vibration and heat generated by shooting, in particular rifle training. Deryck uses Vibra-Tite. Note that Vibra-Tite requires setting time. Follow the cure time on Vibra-Tite’s instructions.


1. Handle. Deryck uses a ¼-inch T handle. This is to tighten things down. For the final step, use an
2. All-in-one torque driver. It attaches to the T handle. This makes sure you do not overtighten anything.
3. Flathead or whichever specific fastener your mount needs.
4. Oil-based paint marker, for making index marks on the screws.


Backup iron sights are the first of the rifle accessories Deryck demonstrates. He added thread locker to surfaces in advance. Where to mount the rear BUIS? Make sure it’s in a position where it’s usable and won’t get in the way of operating the charging handle or any other controls.

This BUIS is attached with a flathead, so Deryck uses his flathead driver to turn/tighten the BUIS down to the point where it won’t come off. Next he takes the T handle, adds the flathead, and turns it to where it stops, without putting any torque on it.

He mounts the front sight as far forward as possible, as long as he’s not running a light or laser on the rifle. He repeats the procedure on the front, until it’s ready for torque. Then he switches to mounting the optic, so that adjustments can be made to the BUIS if needed.


This is a lengthy and detailed video, so be sure to watch it to learn Deryck’s procedure for mounting an optic and the final steps for tightening both rifle accessories.

Which other rifle tools and accessories do you want to know more about? Tell us in the comments.

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