Worlds Collide: Competitive vs Defensive Skill Sets

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Shooting skill sets: Which ones matter only in competition shooting, and which ones matter only in defensive shooting? And where is the overlap? Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus discuss the differences and similarities.


Competitive shooting is all about the score, so the most important thing is the points on the target. Accuracy is only as needed for each particular course of fire versus the time. For example, in an IPSC match, where shooters hit the target is not important, as long as they hit it really fast. IDPA matches are the opposite: Missing the center zone adds a second to the time.


In a defensive shooting, the skills are more like IPSC: Just hit the target and do it fast in order to stop the bad guy.

Rob and Rob take some shots to demonstrate the differences and conclude that for the defensive-minded person who is also interested in competition, the accuracy standard in IPSC is closer to what they will train and practice for defensive shooting.

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