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Controlling Shot Anticipation

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Duration:   4  mins

Many shooters anticipate the sound and feeling of recoil just before they fire the gun, resulting in a “flinch” that adversely affects their precision. From this demonstration, you’ll learn a couple of ways to control your body’s natural flinch reaction when you fire your weapon. Flinching is common for all shooters, and can occur in three different ways: pushing, twitching, or pulling down. Our host explains the four stages of a trigger pull, and gives you exercises you can use to slow down when you fire your weapon. With these techniques, you will be able to calm your mind so that you can better control your trigger pull and reduce flinching.

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5 Responses to “Controlling Shot Anticipation”

  1. Rosemary

    Great post Phil! I've used it to get videos in the serps (I'm using Vimeo Pro for hotinsg) and it works. Video's for productpages showed up in the serps.We also have a rating system on our product pages, the stars showed up in the serps. A few months ago, I did some research for CTR for a product. We measured CTR for the product with rating stars, and then we added a video (and also created a videositemap) which showed up in the serps. After collecting some data I found out that CTR for the video snippet was much lower than CTR for the stars snippet.So I removed the video sitemap, checked the page with the Rich Snippet Testing Tool and I saw the stars again. But not in the serps . Not even after 2 months.Do you any idea how to remove the video snippet and get the stars snippet back?

  2. J Fitch

    At what point during training do we want to teach "press, reset, press" without allowing for forward slack and then rearward slack before press. I am seeing this introduced at beginning classes! I see this as a safety issue when taught too early in training! Also how do we reconcile the fact that many top shooters always allow all the slack out before each press? Is this a mechanical function of the way their firearm is set up? John, Retired LEO, POST Certified Firearms Instructor, Certified NRA Instructor

  3. johnny

    The only thing I would add is to hand the thumbs up and out of the way. relaxed hands and fingers no need to squeeze the crap out of the gun

  4. Dfirearms

    This guy teaches the reset drill strange, he does it much harder that it has to be. Instead of slack press, reset, slack, press. Just go slack, press, reset (and stop at the reset point), without going fully forward (most firearms you can hear/feel the reseting point, you do not have to go fully forward at all). He was using a Glock so I know he can feel and hear the action restting! Why go fully forward on the trigger, this takes more time in which reduces follow up shots timing. The one thing he did not explain is trigger restting can and will vary on different makes of firearms. Telling people to take up slack on thier firearm may cause an AD/ND.  

  5. Dean

    ... that is certainly a problem I have ... I will try the suggested exercises. thanks.

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