Worlds Collide: Relevance of Drill Results

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In a previous Worlds Collide video, competitive shooter Rob Leatham set up a competition transitioning drill and he and defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus shot it for time. The result was that Rob L shot the drill in 3.3 seconds and Rob P shot it in 5.05 seconds. That’s a difference of 1.75 seconds.

In this follow-up video, they discuss what the results mean in the competitive and defensive shooting worlds. In a competition, 1.75 seconds is the difference between winning and losing a national championship. That’s the relevance of the results for competitors.

But in a real-world defensive shooting, would 1.75 seconds matter? Rob P’s answer is that he doesn’t know, because the drill they shot has no relation to any “gunfight.” It’s hard to take the results of that drill outside of the competition world and make them relevant to the world of defensive shooting.

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