Integrating a Flashlight While Shooting

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Duration: 8:34

Rob Pincus explains the various flashlight options for different handguns and situations. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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2 Responses to “Integrating a Flashlight While Shooting”

  1. Joseph

    I bought a high lumen light for self defense and did not exactly know how to incorporate it into my self defense strategy, especially with a gun, so this video has been very useful.
    I was surprised how blinding a 300 lumen light can be after inadvertently shining it in my own eyes. Definitely would slow someone down who looked at it.

  2. muddog15

    I am not rained at all for this kind of thing ,but this advise goes against everything I have read or been told, as well as common sense. I want to light up my target and blind the target as much as possible.