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Canik METE SFx

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   7  mins

The Canik METE SFx is, in the opinion of Rob Pincus, a great choice as a home-defense handgun for many people. Here’s why.


For Rob, the Canik METE SFx fills the role of one of his home-defense weapons just about perfectly: it’s a high-capacity, semiautomatic striker-fired gun. It has a great trigger; it’s very accurate and incredibly reliable. Like all Canik guns, it’s also very affordable for a full-featured gun.

The entire METE line has great ergonomics—the guns fit a lot of people’s hands really well. How does Rob know that? Canik was the pistol sponsor for the 2022 and is the pistol sponsor for the current 2023 PDN Training Tour. That means Rob put a Canik in the hands of a lot of students. Students who brought a gun to class that didn’t fit their hand or that had malfunctions were given a Canik to use during class instead. This demonstrated to Rob how many hands the Caniks fit and how reliable they are.


Rob likes the Canik METE SFx for home defense because it’s a relatively large handgun. Magazines of 18 and 20 rounds are available, so you can have 19 or 21 rounds on board. It has a long barrel and long slide, so more weight is out in front of your hand, which means more manageable recoil, faster follow-up shots, and a longer sight radius to help you manage precision shots better.

The METE SFx has ambidextrous controls and Canik’s great trigger.


Rob sets up two targets at greater than typical home-defense distances. He demonstrates how fast he can make follow-up shots with the METE SFx. He also does some home-defense style drills with the METE SFx inside a Vaultek portable safe.

Rob also discusses holster selection, the accessory rail for the SFx, pros and cons of adding a white light to it, and more. Be sure to watch the entire video!

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