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Mindset for Wheelchair Self-Defense

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Duration:   5  mins

Jake Romo, owner of White Rabbit Protective Strategies, discusses the most important factor in wheelchair self-defense: mindset. The prevailing mindset is that a person in a wheelchair is a victim already, and Jake stresses that this is simply not true. He discusses strategies for overcoming this mindset.

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4 Responses to “Mindset for Wheelchair Self-Defense”

  1. Tom Wardell

    Excellent video. I suffered a traumatic SCI in Jan. 1999. During rehab at Baylor in Dallas I met a guy who had already been in a wheelchair for 11 years. He had his CHL (now LTC in Texas) and told me that many people may "see" him as an easy target, but that he was NOT going to be one. I took that as sound advice. Having been in law enforcement and corrections, one thing I tell my family is to be aware f your surroundings. Then you can observe and have an idea of what you are getting into. Area doesn't look safe? Don't go that way unless you have to, but be aware, be prepared, practice. I'm happy I've not focused on being a target but preparing to NOT be a target.

  2. Randall Knapp

    You barely touched on getting the correct mindset but then I have been disabled for a much longer time then you and have found that with adaptations there is not much that I can not do. You have the ability to show others how to not be a victim and get customers for your services by shooting some video of the training that you do.

  3. Vince B

    Thanks for the great video. I am also in a wheelchair since 2003. Lost both my legs above the knees. Just having the mindset that life is not over will help in having the ability to defend not only yourself, but your loved ones. God bless you.

  4. Dave C

    Excellent perspective and advice. Not only is this information helpful for those who are challenged with sudden limitations, but also for those of us who are aging and forced to deal with the gradual limitations that nature is bringing our way. Thank you for your insights and encouragement to continue to take responsibility for ourselves.

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