PDN LIVE: Challenges for Gun Owners During the Holiday Season

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Duration:   19  mins

In this month’s PDN LIVE, Rob Pincus discussed specific challenges and responsibilities that gun owners, especially those who carry or stage guns for defensive use, have during the holiday season. Topics covered include house guests, burglary risk, travel, parties with alcohol, and visiting friends and family.

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One Response to “PDN LIVE: Challenges for Gun Owners During the Holiday Season”

  1. Kevin

    You have to think how those comments “I lock the door for there protection” and signs like “We don’t call 911” etc will be used against you by the opposing lawyer “You are killer just waiting to use your automatic firearm to kill someone. This goes for loading your own self-defense ammo, you be portrayed as a Dr. Frankenstein of bullets down in your lab inventing a “Super Duper” killer bullet stick with factory self-defense ammo.(It has been developed over a long time by qualified engineers spending LOTS of money in R&D

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