Viridian Weapon Technologies - 2017 Tour Sponsor

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Duration:   2  mins

PDN is pleased to welcome back to the PDN Training Tour the company formerly known as Viridian Green Laser but now known as Viridian Weapon Technologies. The name change has come about because Viridian has expanded their line to include lights and numerous other accessories.

Viridian Weapon Technologies has also introduced FACT (Fast Access Camera Technology) Weapon-Mounted Cameras for law enforcement, concealed carry and personal defense. Exciting news: during some of the July courses on the 2017 PDN Training Tour, these FACT cameras will be available during class for students to demo.

New Name, New Logo, Same “Instant-On” Technology

Viridian has been around for several years, and PDN members are probably familiar with their “instant-on” technology. When a handgun is in the holster, a magnet housing area deactivates the electrical connection inside the instant-on Viridian laser. But when the handgun is removed from the holster, the laser is instantly on. Reholster the handgun and the magnet deactivates the switch, saving the battery. The user doesn’t have to worry about pushing any buttons or levers or applying pressure in any specific area of the gun. Just remove the gun from the holster and the Viridian laser is on.

Other Viridian Products

In addition to their subcompact small lasers, other self-defense gear from Viridian Weapon Technologies includes light and laser combinations in their C series and X5L series that are made for rifles and full-size handguns. Viridian’s instant-on technology is adaptable to any holster that accepts your handgun with Viridian’s light and laser combo attached. Viridian sells the adapter kit.

A Viridian light/laser combo with instant-on technology is also a good choice for staged firearms inside off-body carry areas, and in staged firearms for home and vehicle defense.

We appreciate Viridian Weapon Technologies’ support in their fourth year as a PDN Training Tour sponsor.

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