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Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4” Lightweight Champion

Rob Pincus
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PDN viewers may know that Rob Pincus is not an advocate of the 1911-type firearm for concealed carry, but plenty of people are. If you insist on carrying a 1911-type firearm, the one Rob recommends is the Springfield Armory EMP 4” Lightweight Champion.

It’s an evolved gun over the original EMP, which was itself an evolution of the traditional 1911, which Rob has seen a lot of problems with, especially in the small subcompact size that is popular for concealed carry.

Springfield’s Specs

Springfield Armory® engineered the original EMP® with an all-new patented short action. Seventeen re-designed parts later, the EMP® came out a smaller, more comfortable, and more concealable package optimized for the smaller 9mm and .40SW calibers. Among the community of those who know, it has earned a reputation as one of the most shootable compact pistols ever.

The all-new 4″ Lightweight Champion™ offers a longer four-inch barrel that presents increased sight radius and more practical accuracy. Let’s not forget the extra velocity the longer barrel adds to any given cartridge.

Better yet, the EMP® 4″ offers an extra half inch of height, providing plenty of room for a strong and positive grip. The EMP® 4″ is loaded with extras like a fiber optic front sight and two-dot, low-profile combat rear sight for effortless target acquisition. Ambidextrous safety levers, a match-grade barrel, and Posi-Lock™ grip texture to the front strap add extra high value benefits for the serious shooter.

Concealed Carry Choice

The Springfield Armory EMP 4” Lightweight Champion prints less than earlier EMP models due to its bobbed grip. Rob shows both, and the difference is dramatic, though the Lightweight Champion still prints somewhat on Rob. However, it’s a much less harsh profile.

The other important factor is that the EMP 4” is one of the only small 1911s that Rob has seen being reliable on the range during handgun training.

For serious 1911 fans who want one as their everyday carry handgun, Rob encourages them to look into the Springfield EMP 4” Lightweight Champion.

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One Response to “Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4” Lightweight Champion”

  1. Frank Stabler

    Not sure why Rob thinks 1911's aren't reliable. I've been carrying one for over 40 years. Up until a few year ago I carried a government model, and now I carry a Commander style. No reliability issues so far and no problems concealing either one.

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