Rob Pincus

2014 PDN Training Tour Update 5/2

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob Pincus checks in from Indiana where he’s teaching a couple of courses after having spoken at the 143rd NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Rob talks about the value of distance education, the kind that PDN offers through video and articles, and shares a short excerpt from one of his presentations covering our responsibility to train with our defensive firearms.

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One Response to “2014 PDN Training Tour Update 5/2”

  1. Joseph

    I do know people that have multiple guns and unfortunately don't see the need of training- plus do not have any idea of the state laws concerning the use of their firearm. I guess it is just my background that I cannot see doing anything without getting some training. I remember someone did some work in my mother's house that looked atrocious and I confronted him about it and his answer was I have been doing it this way for twenty years. I answered him doing anything for twenty years does not make it right; I told him you been doing it wrong for twenty years, to which his face turned red and he got furious. I resolve this year not to be a fool but get more training.

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