Rob Pincus

2014 PDN Training Tour Update 8/8

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob Pincus is in Manhattan for a segment on responsible firearms storage for Fox News Channel. While there, he took a few minutes to tape this update for the 2014 PDN Training Tour. Rob discusses low-profile defensive tools that can be carried when a firearm isn’t an option. Taking your safety seriously doesn’t mean that you always need to be carrying a gun.

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2 Responses to “2014 PDN Training Tour Update 8/8”

  1. Tim Powell

    I know he means well with this video but this is just the kind of arguments that the haters of concealed carry use against us. They say "why do you need a gun when there is so many other, safer ways to defend yourself". Lets not give them fuel for their argument. The Bad guy will not follow the law and he will "bring a gun to a knife fight." The Bad guy knows that you are following the law and he is the only one with the gun. Sorry but this is why I avoid places I cant carry to defend myself. I have never been to NYC and probably never will if they do not uphold my 2nd amendment right.

  2. Gene Hanneke

    Good reminder of the tools available to us when we can not include a gun among us, which seems to be most of the time when traveling in some of the eastern states.

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