Rob Pincus

Springfield XD-S 4.0 Single Stack 9mm Reliability Test

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Watch as Rob Pincus conducts a 100-round reliability test on this new carry-gun candidate. Rob then gives feedback on what he experienced during the test, including shot placement, recoil management, thumb placement relative to the slide stop, and reliability, which was 100%. Is this 9mm gun going on Rob’s recommended list? Definitely.

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8 Responses to “Springfield XD-S 4.0 Single Stack 9mm Reliability Test”

  1. John Case

    I find it interesting that he mentions at the 0:50 mark that somewhere between 1000 and 1200 rounds have already been run through the gun. I would think if you would have had any failures, it would have been in the first 1000 rounds. Sure, JHP ammo may feed differently, but it surely would have been noticed already. Not surprised that there were no failures...

  2. Rodger Miller

    I have had this pistol for 2 months now and have fired about 600 rounds through it. It is a wonderful firearm. Target and self defense ammo runs great with no problems at all. It seems to operate fine on HST ammo, which is what I carry. Had a trigger job on it by Springfield Precision and Talon grips which makes it much smoother. Springfield guns always run great for me. You can not go wrong with this purchase. The four inch barrel makes double taps so easy, and is no problem to conceal at the 2 o'clock position.

  3. Dick Hertz

    Springfield XDs are pistols you show your friends. Heckler & Kochs are pistols you show your enemies.

  4. Karen M

    I have put over 1000 rounds through this xds and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Not one hiccup, not one jam. Sight alignment is a breeze with this firearm and it is easy in the hand as well. The only modification I did to this was I had the right side of the mag release shaved off by a gunsmith because I shoot a lot of rounds at a time (sometimes 300-400) in competition shoots and it would bother my right hand and dig into it. But as a carry gun you can't get more reliable and easy to use! Love this!

  5. MissinAlabama

    I'm currently saving up to buy the XD-S .45. All the reviews of the XD-S that I've read have said they are excellent. The .45 will be a perfect concealed carry gun for me and I cannot wait until I can buy one!

  6. jim

    I carry the shorter barreled .45, its just like what i just saw on your video...eats everything i feed it and is dead on.

  7. Richard Harper

    Own it. Love it!! About 1000 rounds down range not one malfunction. I to had to retrain my thumb in relation to the slide release.

  8. David Gibson

    Bought one and carry it based on your recommendation. Not one hiccup in several hundred rounds.

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