Rob Pincus

Adjustable Pistol Stabilizer

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates the Adjustable Pistol Stabilizer from Black Collar Arms. It’s a unique piece of gear and relevant today for AR-type pistols, which are capable of great accuracy at long distance — but we can’t put a stock on one without special paperwork. Rob is on the range with an eight-inch barreled AR-type pistol with magnified optic and is shooting at about 50 yards.

The pistol is stabilized for shooting at distance by this device from Black Collar Arms. The Adjustable Pistol Stabilizer fits on the pistol’s recoil buffer tube – not at the very back of the tube, in order to remain ATF compliant – and is easy to adjust, including when you’re behind the optic. When shooting for a high level of precision at distance, the less you touch the gun (aside from the trigger), the better. Rob takes several accurate shots at 50 yards. Rob is shooting from a bench, but this device can also be used on the ground or other surfaces.

The Adjustable Pistol Stabilizer is a solution made necessary by ATF regulations. If you’re setting up an AR pistol for a high level of precision, whether for a firearms training course, professional law enforcement use, or hunting, the APS will help you achieve that goal while remaining ATF compliant.

Note that this device is called the Adjustable Pistol Support on Black Collar Arms’ website.

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