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Angelfire Ammo - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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Students taking classes during the 2017 PDN Training Tour had great success using Angelfire Ammo, a new sponsor for this year’s tour.

Angelfire Ammo has been making some of their remanufactured ammo available for a great price to anyone taking one of PDN’s live-fire courses this year — not just Rob’s classes, but any of the courses on the 2017 PDN Training Tour.


Just like the products from all the other Training Tour sponsors, Rob made sure the Angelfire Ammo was seriously tested before it was used on the tour. Rob and his instructor team, as well as some students, fired thousands of rounds of Angelfire Ammo before the Angelfire logo appeared on the side of the Tour truck.

Angelfire has been delivering some great ammunition. Rob and the other PDN teachers, as well as the students, have been really happy with Angelfire’s 9mm offerings as well as their .223 ammo. Now Angelfire has added a subsonic product for the last couple months of the tour and to their line in general.

Ammo, and Lots of It

Ammunition is a critical component of self-defense gear. If you shoot regularly, you know how many hundreds or even thousands of round of ammo you can shoot in a month, and what an impact that has on your budget.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, U.S. remanufactured product to help you meet your training and practice goals on the live-fire range, Rob highly encourages you to look at 2017 PDN Training Tour sponsor Angelfire Ammo.

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