Rob Pincus

Angelfire Ammo: Testing and Types

Rob Pincus
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Rob Pincus was introduced to Angelfire Ammo almost a year ago. By now he’s seen enough rounds fired to give his report on it.

Initial Testing

When Angelfire approached PDN about sponsoring the 2017 Personal Defense Network Training Tour, Rob was skeptical. An ammo company he’d never heard of, ammo that wasn’t on the shelf at the local gun store, and ammo he’d never seen in the firearms of any students on the range caused this skepticism.

Angelfire sent samples, which Rob sent to several other instructors and also gave to his students to use during classes. Rob was pleased. He figured that at Angelfire’s price and with its level of reliability, which after this testing was 100%, he welcomed Angelfire on to the tour, and proposed that Angelfire make a deal with PDN Training Tour students.

Official PDN Training Tour Sponsor

Training Tour students overwhelmingly took advantage of that opportunity to train with Angelfire Ammunition at a discounted rate during the tour. Rob personally saw between 50,000 and 60,000 rounds of Angelfire Ammo shot on the training ranges and didn’t see a single problem with it.

Types of Angelfire Ammo

Students fired Angelfire 9mm ammo in 115- and 147-grain options, and also .223 ammo for rifle courses, though about 75% of the live-fire training during the PDN Training Tour is done with handguns.

The other instructors on the PDN Training Tour were also pleased with Angelfire Ammo. Students had Angelfire ship the ammo directly to the range they were training at.

Thumbs Up
Even at its low price, Angelfire Ammo is incredibly reliable and well-made. It lets you get higher volumes of training and more bang for your buck (literally) when you’re practicing. It helps you develop skill for less money, which is the purpose of training ammunition.

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