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Angelfire Ammunition: 2018 Tour Sponsor

Rob Pincus
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Last year, Angelfire Ammunition joined the PDN Training Tour for the first time and offered a great deal on their ammo to students signing up for classes on the tour. This was a big success, and the good news is that Angelfire is a tour sponsor again for 2018.

Here’s the Deal

Order 500 rounds bulk-packed training ammunition from Angelfire and you’ll receive a full case of reliability at a very fair price. On the 2017 tour, students fired over 60,000 rounds of 9mm plus tens of thousands of rounds of .223, all from Angelfire. The results? Great reliability throughout the tour.

This is all remanufactured ammunition, so it’s not recommended as carry ammunition. But for training and practice, Angelfire Ammunition has proven itself to the instructors and students on the PDN Training Tour, and with Combat Focus Shooting instructors around the country.

Expanded Line

Angelfire has now expanded their offerings. In addition to 115-grain 9mm in a variety of package sizes and .223, they now have .45 and .40 S&W as well. Plus they have added 147-grain 9mm, which some students prefer.

Direct Shipping

If you order Angelfire Ammo for a 2018 PDN Training Tour class, you’ll be offered a special deal for shipping the ammo directly to your class location. Reliable training ammunition at an affordable price and that you don’t have to transport to your class. Take advantage of this special deal!

If you aren’t taking a class on the tour this year, check out Angelfire for your other training and practice ammo needs.

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