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Angelfire Remanufactured Training Ammo - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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Training resources are always limited, and one of the most important limitations many people have to deal with is their training budget. Angelfire Ammunition is giving you the opportunity to get remanufactured high-quality ammunition at a very fair price.

Proven Track Record

As a sponsor of the 2017 PDN Training Tour, Angelfire Ammunition provided a great discount to all students attending live-fire training on the tour, and Angelfire arranged for the ammo to be shipped directly to the student’s training location.

Rob Pincus saw over 50,000 rounds of Angelfire Ammunition fired by students of all different skill levels, through a variety of firearms and in a lot of different environmental conditions, including heat, cold, rain, dust, and mud. Angelfire ammo performed flawlessly in classes, and the feedback from students using the ammo in practice sessions after class was also incredibly positive. Other instructors on the PDN Training Tour reported similar great results with Angelfire ammo.

Remanufactured Ammunition

Rob understands that a lot of people are skeptical about remanufactured ammunition, and for good reason. There have been a lot of less-than-optimal experiences with a variety of brands over a long period of time in the training community.

But Rob can personally attest that he has seen Angelfire Ammunition be successful for students during handgun training, and he is confident that for anyone who is into remanufactured ammunition, Angelfire is going to be a great source. Their quality control and high standards have always met the high expectations Rob and other PDN Training Tour instructors had for them.

Angelfire sells pistol ammo in 9mm, .45 ACP and .40 S&W, rifle ammo in .223 and rimfire ammo in .22LR. As their website says, there’s always something on sale, and often they have deals on shipping, so check their site to view the latest offers.

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One Response to “Angelfire Remanufactured Training Ammo - SPONSORED”

  1. idianasteve

    Target Sports has better prices on new, not remanufactured, ammo.

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