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Butler Creek ASAP Magazine Loader

Rob Pincus
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The new ASAP Magazine Loader from Butler Creek is a universal double-stack pistol magazine loader. When Rob Pincus first picked it up, he thought it looked a little overbuilt and overengineered, but once he started using it, he figured out why it’s so robust, and that it really is universal.

The ASAP Magazine Loader is designed to fit any double-stack pistol magazine, from .380 up to .45 ACP.

Why Use a Magazine Loader?

When students take a handgun training course with Rob, they’re firing 500 to 600 rounds per day. That means a lot of magazine reloading, and a magazine loader is designed to make this tedious task faster, simpler, and easier on the hand. Rob estimates that 75-80% of students who attend his classes are using some form of magazine loader.

How does the Butler Creek ASAP Double-Stack Universal Magazine Loader compare to other mag loaders Rob has used? Since this is a brand-new product, he hasn’t had a lot of experience with it, but as shown here, it does a great job.

Magazine Loading Demo

Rob has the three most popular magazines he sees in classes: an M&P, an XD(M), and a Glock. Rob demonstrates how to use it — in three easy steps, you can load each round into your magazine without a lot of fatigue to your hand. It works just as well with all three magazines, two of which have extended baseplates on them. It works with hollow-point and ball rounds.

If you shoot a lot, a magazine loader is one of the most useful tools and accessories you can own for long days of handgun training or practice. The Butler Creek ASAP Double-Stack Universal Magazine Loader is durable and reliable. Test it on the magazines you use before you rely on it.

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4 Responses to “Butler Creek ASAP Magazine Loader”

  1. indianasteve

    I would be concerned about how it pushes the round back by pushing on the front of the bullet. Couldn't this push the bullet further into the cartridge. Definitely something you wouldn't want to do. When I load by hand I push the round back with my thumb on the top of the round, not the front.

  2. Michael

    I prefer the Maglula loader, small, universal for both double and single stack magazines and cost around $30.00. This is a nice concept too but a little to bulky.

  3. Peter Droste

    there is no video, only blank black, on your website, just audio. Is it your problem or mine, I don't know.

  4. Ralph Gajewski


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