Bersa Thunder .380

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The Bersa Thunder .380 has been around in one version or another for a long time and it’s a great value option if you’re looking for a concealed-carry .380 that has the flexibility of a double-action/single-action gun and the longevity of the Bersa name behind it.

An older version of the Bersa Thunder .380 was Rob Pincus’ first concealed-carry gun, so he is especially fond of it. Rob presents the new, updated version of the Bersa Thunder .380 and demonstrates its features.

One of the best things about the Bersa Thunder .380 line is its versatility. The standard version comes with a lot of different finishes and color and coating options. The concealed-carry version of the Bersa Thunder .380 is slimmed down and perfect for low-profile concealment.

There’s also a Combat version and a Combat Plus version, which is a 15+1 double-stack gun.

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7 Responses to “Bersa Thunder .380”

  1. Wayne

    These are great semi autos for self defense. I have two and my wife has one. Only time any of ours jambed was when we were giving a class and someone showed up to learn how to shoot without a gun. ???? Anyways, she said the gun was bad and useless until we taught her to hold it firmly… she was limp wristing it. Those were the only two jambs we have ever had and between all three guns we have put at least 4,000 rounds thru them. I even refused to clean or oil one for over a year to see if it would jamb… nope. Good quality ammo, as always, will ensure reliability. Just make sure to periodically tighten the screw holding the grip… or use loc-tite.

  2. Al

    Ok, please explain your position.
    Since the Bersa has a trigger block, the manual safety is simply fluff, it’s no different than say, a Lady Smith DA revolver.
    Flat out, I don’t see the “troublesome” factor.

  3. Daryl

    got this one for my wife to carry, but she now carries my glock 43. bersa is NOT reliable enough for self-defense. I had to give her my S&W M&P body guard to complete her concealed carry qualification in Texas because it jammed. Would not trust my life to it. If someone knows of a gunsmith that can fix it I would be interested. Great concept, but a really crappy pistol.

  4. Frank Stabler

    Even though the first shot is double action, leaving the safety off could prove troublesome if you are ever in a defensive shooting situation.

    • Al

      In what way? As opposed to say, a Lady Smith DA revolver in that situation? With respect to your comment, the situation with the weapon itself is the same.
      A DA is a DA in this case, as both firearms are set up with safety features that mitigate discharge unless the trigger is pulled. The “safety” on the Bersa is secondary, as the Primary “safety” on most firearms is keeping your finger off that trigger.

    • Jim Kubitza

      With the safety off, the gun is ready to go instantly in DA mode. The Bersa 380 does not have a bad DA pull, it has a fairly light one and a smooth one, so if you can’t handle that, you are relegated to something like a blow-your-own-leg-off Glock or a single-action only gun like a 1911 which requires another action (flipping the safety off or thumb-cocking the hammer) before it can be fired. I dearly LOVE my Bersa 380 Plus! Mine is totally 200% reliable, has never had even a hiccup with any ammo I have fed it.

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