Bersa Thunder .380 SPONSORED

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The Bersa Thunder .380 has been around in one version or another for a long time and it’s a great value option if you’re looking for a concealed-carry .380 that has the flexibility of a double-action/single-action gun and the longevity of the Bersa name behind it.

An older version of the Bersa Thunder .380 was Rob Pincus’ first concealed-carry gun, so he is especially fond of it. Rob presents the new, updated version of the Bersa Thunder .380 and demonstrates its features.

One of the best things about the Bersa Thunder .380 line is its versatility. The standard version comes with a lot of different finishes and color and coating options. The concealed-carry version of the Bersa Thunder .380 is slimmed down and perfect for low-profile concealment.

There’s also a Combat version and a Combat Plus version, which is a 15+1 double-stack gun.

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