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Bersa Thunder Pro TPR .40 S&W Compact - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

The Thunder Pro series of guns from Bersa has been very popular and in fact is the handgun used by the Argentinian Police. Rob Pincus is out on the range with the redesign of the Thunder Pro — it’s designated the Bersa Thunder Pro TPR and Rob has the .40-caliber compact version.

Features of the Bersa Thunder Pro TPR

It’s a duty gun that comes in a few different configurations. The .40-cal compact is 10+1 rounds and the 9mm is 13+1. It has an accessory rail and deep grooves front and rear for manipulations.

Looking at the .40 S&W version, it has a loaded chamber indicator and exposed hammer. It can be carried double-action or it can be carried in double-action with the safety on mode. It cannot be carried in single-action mode. The option you have is for the safety to be on or off — Rob recommends off and in double-action mode.


After you fire the first round, you’ll be in single-action mode and that’s when you use the Bersa Thunder Pro TPR’s unique decocker system that you push up on as if you were putting the safety on, and that decocks the gun. Then you can leave it in the single-action safe position mode but in double-action, or you can push it back down and know that you have that long double-action trigger pull on the first shot.


The Bersa Thunder Pro was originally designed as a duty gun, but the TPR in .40 S&W can be used by private citizens for defensive purposes including concealed carry.

Bersa Thunder Pro XT 9mm

If you’re looking to get into competition shooting, the Thunder Pro XT in 9mm is a competition set-up that ships with five magazines and everything you want for an entry-level competition gun in 9mm.

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One Response to “Bersa Thunder Pro TPR .40 S&W Compact - SPONSORED”

  1. Michael

    My experience with compact .40S&W pistols is sharp recoil and relatively slow follow up shots. What are Robs opinion on the ergonomics of this pistol?

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