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Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro Handgun Lubricant

Rob Pincus
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Breakthrough Clean came into the market with one of the greatest solvents we’ve seen, the Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent. Last year Breakthrough expanded its product line with lubricants and protectants. Here we take a look at their new Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Protectant, a blend of high-quality, 100% synthetic gun cleaning oils.

Fine-Point Applicator Tip

One of the best features of Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Protectant is its fine-point applicator tip, which makes it easy to be very precise about where you put lubricant on your firearms. You can also control the amount of lubricant you put on any particular part of your guns.

You don’t have to worry about spraying the entire gun and getting more lubricant than you need all over the gun and then having a messy cleanup. You just lubricate the areas you want lubricated.

Other Benefits

The Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Protectant also serves as a rust inhibitor and wear protector on any of your firearms. This anti-rust, anti-foam, non-toxic, odorless lubricant is treated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide ultimate and lasting corrosion protection and lubrication under a broad range of temperatures (from -65°F to 507°F).

Battle Born HP Pro is safe for all metal, plastic, and polymer components.

Firearms need to be kept lubricated in order to perform reliably. Consider this high-quality lubricant one of your essential tools and accessories. The two-ounce bottle of HP Pro Lubricant & Protectant is perfect to add to your cleaning kit for any quick lubrication you may need to do out on the range.

More Breakthrough Lubricants

Other products in Breakthrough Clean’s lubricant line include Battle Born Grease and various sprays that are lubricants only. Many are available in various sizes, and some can be purchased in one-gallon cans.

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One Response to “Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro Handgun Lubricant”

  1. Scott

    Breakthrough Clean makes the best solvent and oils that I have used yet. They are a class company and Erick is a classy guy.

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