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Breakthrough Clean - US Optics Cleaning Kit

Rob Pincus
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The latest product from Breakthrough Clean is a cleaning kit co-branded with U.S. Optics and designed to clean all your lenses, red dot sights, magnified scopes, binoculars, and any other tools and accessories with lenses.

Kit Components

What consumers now expect from Breakthrough Clean is a high-quality, military-grade cleanser, and that’s what the lens cleaning solution provides. The kit also contains a lens brush that pops open and all the dust and debris can be brushed away with it. The third component is a super-soft microfiber cleaning cloth for use with the cleaning solution.

These pieces and an instruction booklet all fit inside a zipped soft-sided pouch in which there’s room for other small items too. The pouch easily attaches to larger pieces of gear or can just fit inside a larger case.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies

In 2013, Breakthrough Clean Technologies released their flagship product, Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent, an odorless, user-safe, and eco-friendly cleaning solvent that worked efficiently and safely to remove carbon fouling from firearms fast. Breakthrough Clean now offers a complete gun care maintenance system geared to make cleaning and maintaining your firearm easier, safer, and faster.

For use out in the field or at the range, check out the Breakthrough Clean – U.S. Optics lens cleaning kit.

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