Rob Pincus

Caracal Firearms: The Newest Pistols and Rifles

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

In late 2013, PDN’s Managing Editor Rob Pincus was invited to participate in an exclusive opportunity to check out the newest Caracal firearms in the United Arab Emirates before they made it to the United States. Rob joined fellow instructor Wes Doss and gun writer David Bahde on a tour of the Caracal factory and a unique range session with the new Caracal firearms, their impressive new precision bolt rifle and even their take on the AR-15 Carbine. This video was produced by Caracal to share the trip with the U.S. firearms community.

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One Response to “Caracal Firearms: The Newest Pistols and Rifles”

  1. Gary Slemp

    I will buy my weapons made in the USA thank you. I am sure these are fine, but I will not lend my support to a company that most likely will arm enemies of the US military.

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