Rob Pincus

Carrying Guns In Cold Weather

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus discusses cold weather carry options in cold weather, including a strong side hip holster, a shoulder holster and an off-body carry bag. Rob also demonstrates that carry options are actually increased under cold weather garments.

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5 Responses to “Carrying Guns In Cold Weather”

  1. Rich

    Cold weather carry. I noticed that he used a shoulder bag and a shoulder holster. I think doing it the way he did compromises his strength because he used a cross body presentation. I f a perp was close enough he could push his arm against him and make it ipossible to draw out. Even though he rotated a little, its still a cross body draw. I think a strong side, close to body straight up draw would be safer.

  2. JungleCogs

    Forgot a big one. A pocket holster in the strong hand pocket of a winter jacket. Keeps the lint out and has easy access. But, just like a briefcase, carry bag or purse, you need to know where that thing is at all times. Nothing safer than 'on-body' carry; but cold winter carry does present a few problems. DeSantis makes a great pocket holster that stays in our pocket when you need to present your firearm.

  3. John Magee

    The best truly consealed carry is with a Sneaky Pete holster!

  4. Bob Fleming

    Carrying guns in cold weather will not load up even after logging into my premium account or going through the catagory and tags

  5. Christoph

    Great tips for winter! What bag is that in the video if I may ask?

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