Rob Pincus

Carrying and Shooting the DoubleTap Pistol

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

The DoubleTap Pistol is designed to be carried in a pocket for maximum concealment. Its slim design allows the gun to be easily carried in a variety of places using the many holsters that are designed specifically for it or other small semi-automatics. Given its highly concealable nature, deployment of the DoubleTap from a pocket can be done quickly from a staged position when trying to de-escalate a situation. The DoubleTap pistol grip features a trap door which conceals a hollow area where two extra rounds can be staged for reloading. When practicing with the DoubleTap, keep in mind that it is not a plinker! It will not be comfortable to shoot hundreds of rounds through this gun in an afternoon. The lightweight and thin design which maximizes the comfort of carry mean a significant amount of felt recoil.

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3 Responses to “Carrying and Shooting the DoubleTap Pistol”

  1. Ross

    I wonder why they didn't build in ejectors like on shotgun barrels? That would save several precious seconds in a reload where life is at stake.

  2. Gary Finley

    The double tap looks like a well thought out piece of equipment. If you are looking for a derringer try the Bond Arms variety. The Bond Arms comes in many calibers. I really like my .410/45 long. I have three of them. The last one I bought was the Snake Eater II. It is slightly larger but it is hell on two wheels when it comes to self defense. The Bond Arms comes in a 2 1/2 inch model that shoots all of the most popular calibers. Try them out. Thanks from the old folks corner, GARY D. FINLEY

  3. professorcbt

    This firearm is based on the old Derringer concept. Last resort stopping power! .45 ACP! Great tool for the purpose it was conceived! For those who who don't understand the weapon, educate themselves with the history of the Derringer.

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