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Cheeterz Ammo Podz

Rob Pincus
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Serious shooters who put in scores of hours at the range every year may scoff at the idea of an easier way to load handgun magazines. But for new shooters or anyone with hand/arm strength issues, a little help will be welcomed and hopefully keep them interested in shooting and self-defense. This is where Cheeterz Ammo Podz come in.

Cheeterz Ammo Podz

Note: The name of the product has changed since this video was made. What Rob refers to as Cheeterz Assisted Load Ammunition is now called Cheeterz Ammo Podz.

Cheeterz Firearm Accessories has developed the Ammo Podz to, as they state, “make practice easier by reducing the time and effort associated with loading your magazine, allowing you more time to do what you really want to do: shoot.”

Ammo Podz are pre-loaded magazine loaders. The ammo they are loaded with is new brass (untested by PDN as of yet — watch for that video in the future).

Rob Pincus was as skeptical as many long-time shooters may be — laboriously loading magazines is an integral part of the handgun training experience and he doesn’t need any help, thanks. But think about people with weak hands and arms, including some (but not all) new shooters, women, and seniors.

Cheeterz Ammo Podz are designed to function ergonomically to require less hand/arm strength, reduce fatigue while loading, and save time. These are all good qualities to have in our self-defense tools.

How Ammo Podz Work

Though he has used it only a few times previously, Rob demonstrates how the Ammo Podz work, filmed close up so the viewer can easily see how to do it. The process is a bit tricky, and this video can be considered a tutorial for anyone using Cheeterz Ammo Podz for the first time.

Rob agrees that the process is low energy and eliminates some of the strength and pressure issues associated with manually loading magazines. However, it definitely requires manual dexterity.

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3 Responses to “Cheeterz Ammo Podz”

  1. David W

    This looks like more work than using an uplula, which is what I use to help get it done more quickly.

  2. Carey Radican

    Thanks for the info, but not a fan of the cheeterz.

  3. prasanna bahukudumbi

    I use upula universal loader which is lot easier. This looks more work.

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