Rob Pincus

Clip-N-Shoot Dry Fire Training Tool

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   7  mins

iDryfire has produced many dry fire training tools. Their new Clip-N-Shoot is the simplest and easiest way to get in valuable practice in a non-live-fire environment. Rob Pincus demonstrates how it works.


The iDryfire Clip-N-Shoot is an app that can be installed on all common smartphones and tablets. It comes with a dry fire training target that clips to the phone, two different colored screens for the target, square and circle target shape adapters for adjusting the target size, and a custom phone stand. You must provide your own dry fire laser cartridge (also available from iDryfire) if you want to practice with your everyday carry gun, or you can use a training pistol such as the NLT SIRT that Rob uses in this video.


After downloading the app onto your phone, you can enter your preferred settings, including start delay, auto restart, sensitivity of the device, number of shots, par time, and more. You can even adjust the shot sound.

When the target is clipped to the phone, the laser you fire interacts with the camera on the phone to register the shot. Rob notes that if you want a chest-sized target, you can create one with a 3D printer.

This dry fire training system is meant to be used in a space such as a room in your home, an office, or a hotel room. This is ideal for handgun training and practice for defensive purposes, because we do not need to practice long-range shots.


Rob does three shooting sessions in order to practice different skills. He presets the auto restart time, the par time, and the number of shots per session. In the first session Rob shoots from the ready position. In the second, he retrieves the gun from a quick-access safe, and in the third he incorporates a startle reaction and draws from his concealed-carry holster.

The results are instantly available for review.

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One Response to “Clip-N-Shoot Dry Fire Training Tool”

  1. Michael McGregor

    Ok can you do multiple shots with the cartridge in a Glock or Walther

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