Rob Pincus

CMMG Mk3 Rifle in .308

Rob Pincus
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In his CMMG Mk3 review, Rob Pincus examines this AR-type rifle that is set up in .308, a caliber we don’t usually think of for a personal-defense rifle. But it does have some specific defensive and professional applications.

Who Is It For?

From the personal-defense point of view, the CMMG Mk3 .308 rifle would be useful for people who live in wide open spaces. If you live on a large piece of land, or have a long driveway or a gated entrance and can foresee the possibility of needing to defend yourself or your family at these longer distances, look at the CMMG Mk3 .308.

For law enforcement and security personnel who need a higher-power rifle than the medium calibers we normally see for personal defense, the .308 may be perfect for you, and the 16-inch barreled CMMG Mk3 is a great place to start. Think large-perimeter defense, patrol rifle, or designated marksman applications.

CMMG Mk3 Review

It has a billet receiver, RKM KeyMod 15-inch free-float handguard and comes standard with CMMG’s own SV muzzle brake, Geissele SSA 2-Stage trigger, Magpul MOE pistol grip, and Magpul ACS-L buttstock installed.

On his CMMG Mk3 review rifle, Rob has added a Browe Combat Optic, an ambidextrous oversized charging handle (which he believes is especially important for moving the heavier bolt carrier group on a .308 rifle), and a Magpul convertible one-point to two-point sling. He prefers this type of sling for home defense and rifle training, though professional users might want to go with a dedicated two-point sling.


Another plus about .308 ARs is that they are great for hunting, which means that defensive shooters can practice their skill sets in varied and versatile environments.

The CMMG Mk3 in .308 may be the rifle for you — take a close look at it.

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